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How Coronavirus is a blessing for the world

First of all, I highly appreciate the efforts of medical staff who are fighting against this coronavirus epidemic.

Noting improve as life is standstill. Prosperity and evolution come at the time of war, crisis and emergency. As the COVID-19 (a novel Coronavirus) is a health emergency for the world, according to the World Health Organization.

World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical research institutions rushed into finding the cure to defeat the epidemic. Roughly speaking, most of the diseases in the world have a so-called cure in the form of vaccine, injection or insulin. But, COVID-19 is a novel kind of virus. Approximately, two decades ago SARS and MERS virus identified in mainland China and the Middle East.

As Coronavirus identified in the Wuhan, a Chinese province and no vaccine is available. To curtail this disease, social distancing is the option. As authorities imposed a ban on industries, aviation and road traffic. The environment of the earth started improving. As road traffic, aviation and industries air pollution cut off. The world started healing.

The entire countries are locked-down and education also affected. The institutions rushed into transforming the education online. People think that distance learning is not a successful option, but as high-speed Internet became accessible to everyone. More and more people are educating themselves through self-learning. It is time to take formal education to another level. Google Classroom, Zoom and LMS are common examples which are used by most of the instructors around the globe.

The novel Coronavirus (COVID) will give opportunities to millions of people. Every day, we heard the news that companies are laying off their employees. It will help to transform our economy. After the Industrial Revolution, the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. Hopefully, it will give many opportunities to the naive people; and, probably will challenge the experienced ones to earn the means of living. Therefore, Coronavirus is a blessing to the world.

Things rarely evolve at the time of prosperity. As Atif Ameer, a government official told in one conversation, all of the developments and the evolutions comes at the time of crisis. Now, at the time of coronavirus emergency institutions rushed into research centres and massive funding is coming from developed countries to make the cure for COVID-19. It is the peak time of the 21st century for medical and technological innovation.

Solidarity is another fruit of this epidemic. People rarely unite, even at the time of social events ethnicity, religion and other factors make hurdle. After, the identification of the virus; people are united against COVID-19 to curtail this epidemic turned pandemic. All the industries are shut down. As the governments are asking for stay at home. People are following the order. It is the first time the people are much united.

Most of us are not grateful for what we have, it is time to be grateful. We are being given another chance to live a peaceful, prosperous and healthy life. Yes, it is the right time to count our blessings given by Allah (SWT). Thanks to the coronavirus, which reminds us to show some gratitude.

As industries shut down more and more people are looking for remote working (freelancing). Its been years, tons of platforms are available to provide our services remotely. But, many of us are skilled, talented and mature, albeit never explored it further. It is time to explore and try different means of living. Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer are the commonly used platforms by online job seekers.

A decade and a half ago video conferencing was made possible. It is time to take it to another level. Every year many tech giants organize events and people go physically and attend the functions. But, this year Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are going to introduce their products through remote conferencing.

The Virtual University (VU) of Pakistan was inaugurated by the dictator, Pervaiz Musharaf. However, it did not flourish as online education improved in other countries. The lectures of VU or recorded a decade ago, although never updated. As things in tech and education sector changes dramatically, therefore, this LMS proved to be a fiasco.

The coronavirus gave us some time for self-reflection. We can look at our life and think about the negligible things.

The efforts made to administration to curtail the virus are not easy to follow. But, it can lead to adaptability.

What are the problems you are facing let us know in the comment section?

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