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Coronavirus And The Healing Environment

Excess of anything is bad, but the environment is degrading owing to excessive use of fossil fuel. Currently, it has become a global issue and help in increasing global temperature. Leaders have shown lack of interest regarding environmental policies prefers economic advantage. On the other hand, due to the breakdown of pandemic virus lockdown haven been observed all over the globe. All the events including have been stopped for further prevailing of the deadly virus. Which help in increasing air quality and also carbon and nitrogen wastes are adding in minor amount. Every coin has two sides, on one hand, the virus is becoming a cause of losing many important lives and the other way it is a cleaning environment, which is important for the ecosystem. Coronavirus also teaches us about simplicity.

Around the globe, the quality of air has been affected, owing to an increase in the concentration of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur in the atmosphere. Burning of fossil fuel and waste of industrial products are becoming responsible for the degrading environment. The concentration of carbon dioxide has been increased, that is shown in the table. Due to increased concentration of carbon, the ozone layer has been affected and raising the average temperature of the earth as well, which is increased up to 17.24 degrees. Many species had been lost due to environmental disturbance that was only possible because of man’s unrestricted hydrocarbon burning.

Years CO2 concentration (PPM)
1650 148
1850 242
1980 346
2050 600
The concentration of carbon dioxide preindustrial revolution

Coronavirus is the reality of time and affecting a lot of population around the globe. It is a pandemic virus and can be spread through social gathering. So for the sake to prevailing this virus lockdown situation has been created for less loss. Which includes social interaction and cross border movement. Even developed countries have to adopt the concept of lockdown to avoid man to man interaction. Many important events like Tokyo Olympic 2020 that has been shifted to 2021. It is need of the hour for further prevailing of the deadly virus.

But after the action taken to control this virus, there is a dramatic change in weather which explain the purity of air quality and also pollution has been decreased since lockdown enacted. Excessive use of fossil fuel and industrial waste is destroying the environmental peace and also affecting the ozone layer which as increased the average temperature of the earth. But after the decreasing of concentration of carbon and nitrogen in the atmosphere due to reduction of industry and automobile has healed the stratosphere, which contain ozone layer responsible for maintaining the earth temperature. According to NASA, the ratio of pollution has been reduced after coronavirus precautions as shown in figure 

NASA scientists said that reduction in the level of nitrous oxide – a noxious gas emitted by motor vehicles and industrial facilities has been reduced. By comparing the stats of first two months 2019 with the same period this year and clearly obtained the difference, as shown in figure

Like Asia, Europe is also vulnerable in the restoration of atmospheric peace. Now the virus has shifted towards Europe, activities are stopped here in Europe too regarding the prevailing of the epidemic virus. According to the European Space Agency (ESE), after lowering the concentration of carbon and nitrogen effects in the atmosphere pollution has been decreased as clarifying in the image.

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It is clearly asserted that changing behaviour is due to man’s unrestricted fossil fuel consumption. In fact, human are real virus for the environment. Many policies had been introduced for the preservation of the environment but economic interest has ruled these policies. Recently, withdrawal of the Paris Accord by US president has described the interest of global powers. But, coronavirus appeared to be a blessing in disguise for environmental preservation. Reports published after the breakdown of the virus has changed the environment and becoming responsible for the restoration of the environment. Coronavirus also revealed that the population has to adopt the simplicity that is important for itself. There is a clear difference before and after the breakout of the virus. Once C. Legarde mention that

Climate change is a collective endeavour, it is collective accountability and it may not be too late.

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