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Islam, Muslims and Islamic Reforms

Many people believe that reforms in Islam are needed. It is an ancient religion because it is not a human-friendly religion. Therefore, in most parts of the Earth; the voice is becoming more and more prevalent. According to analysts, the time is not when the voice will chant from each part of the Muslim community.

Islam begins in the 7th century, in the Middle East. In later centuries, it spread like fire with the help of Muslim missionaries, towards all sides from the epicentre. The expansion of Muslim led to the Islamic Civilization and made a massive impact on the social, culture and language. Now, there are 56 Muslim states in the world, and, only nuclear power, Pakistan.

Sectarianism is one of the significant problems the Muslim Ummah is facing. Approximately, there are 70 different sects present which abide the various practices to live. Every country is facing challenges due to different factions. Therefore, states are making a reasonable change to their constitution to address this so-called version of Islam. However, Islam is only one, and the Holy Quran is the only book of Muslims.

After nine-eleven, the image of Muslim is not so for good. There are two groups, good Muslims and bad Muslims. The good Muslims are also facing severe criticism due to the ill-portrayed image of Muslims. It is yet to be seen; how this will take a new form.

Irshad Manji is in the top list who chant slogans for Reforms in Islam. Moreover, she is also the author of many books. The Trouble with Islam Today and Allah, Liberty and Love is notable work. She is not the only Islam’s reformist, and there exist other people.

Islamic Militancy is another hurdle in Islam’s reformism. If it is true, it will take years to occur. Not only reforms are easy to make, but also difficult to digest.

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