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Islamiyat 2005 — CSS Past Paper

NOTE: Attempt SIX questions in all, including Question No.1 which is Compulsory and
carries 10 marks. Rest of the questions carry 18 marks each. Answer in English or Urdu.
1 – (A): Translate the following verses derived from the last ten surahs of the Holy Quran (1
mark each)
a) 2nd verse of Surah Al-feel
b) 2nd verse of Surah Al-Quresh
c) 2nd verse Surah Al Maoon
d) 2nd verse of Surah Al-Kosar
e) 3rd verse of Surah Al-Kafaroon
f) last verse of Surah Al Nasar
g) last verse of Surah Al-Lahab
h) last verse of Surah Al-Ikhlas
i) 2nd verse of Surah Al-Falaq
j) 3rd or 4th verse of Surah Al-Naas
(B) Write only the correct answer in the answer book, do not reproduce the question ( 1 mark
1). Which surah starts without Bismillah
a) Al-Baqara b) Al-Nisa c) Al-Toba d) Al-Ikhlas
2). A male is coffined/wrapped in _ dressed sheets a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 3). Amount of zakat cannot be used in
a) madrassah b) mosque c) hospital
4). What is sahlihain

a) mishkat b) bukhari c) bukhari and muslim d) ibne majah
5). Jehad become mandatory in ___hijra
a) 1 AH b) 2 AH c) 3 AH d) 4 AH
6). Which one is called masha’ar-ul-haram
a) mina valley b) muzdalifa valley c) Arafat
7). Who was the first martyre in Islam
a) hazrat hamza (RA) b) hazrat yasir (RA) c) hazarat sumaya (RA
8). Who first embraced islam among women
a) hazrat Fatima (RA) b) hazrat zainab (RA) c) hazrat khadija (RA) d) hazrat ayesha (RA)
9). What is istelam
a) salam to Kaaba b) Salam to Hajre Aswad c) kissing hajre aswad d) praying at muqam –e-
10). Who collected Quranic verses in one place
a) hazrat umar (RA) b) hazrat Abdullah ibne abbas (RA) c) hazrat Abdullah ibne masud (RA) d)
hazrat usman (RA)
Q 2: what is Islamic concept of creation of the universe ? are the modern theories about creation
of the universe commensurate with the islamic point of view ? discuss with reference
Q 3: a) is Ijtehad is no more practical ? explain
b) what are required conditions for a mujtahid
c)does a learned muslim have the right of Ijtehad? Discuss its consequences
Q 4: To what extent is the modern political system i.e. democracy in consonance or against
Islamic principles ? discuss with reference
Q 5: suicide attacks have become norm of the day , particularly in Iraq, Chechneya and Palestine.
The common rationale for such activities reportedly is the persecution of the muslims by western
imperialism and American dominated hegemonic ‘world order ‘ under the prevailing
circumstances is the phenomenon of suicide attacks justified ? give reasons

Q 6: state guiding principles of economic system is Islam ? how can it be implemented in
modern times ?
Q 7: there is a visible decadence in our society due to invasion /influence of liberal western
culture. To what extent is it harming our country’s youth and what can be done to arrest this
moral decline
Q.8: in today’s, world, Muslim every where are being castigated and condemned by the west as
extremists and terrorists having an evil ideology. Muslims are about 1/5th of the world
population but they don’t have a collective voice. Do you think the concept of muslim umma is
viable in today’s world . discuss
Q 9: as per Quranic injunctions and sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW), hijab is mandatory for
muslim women. The larger percentage of the women in our country are totally oblivious to these
Quranic injunctions. Discuss reasons and suggest remedial measures.

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