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Why People Have a Hard Time Finding Their First Job?

In the 21st century, getting the first job is quite a difficult process. As the literacy rate improved around the globe. The quest for jobs is improving. However, the Industrial Revolution and digital inventions are making a great impact on human resources.

These days robots are replacing human resource. Therefore, more and more people are being laid off every month. It is not the human beings are bad. But, the machines are more capable and they are much better at repetitive tasks than HR.

Almost, each and every industry lies on robotics. For instance, two decades ago, there were ten thousand employees were working in Shahtaj Sugar Mil, Mandi Bahauddin. But, now, the number is less than a thousand.

As machines are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Employers are replacing human resources. It leads to massive unemployment. As more and more skilled workers are free, therefore, the probability of naive to land a first job is difficult.

After the creation of the Internet things changed dramatically. Each and every sector of business has changed. More and more computer literate people are required to operate machines.

In the beginning, it leads to chaos in society. As the people of developing countries neither have skills nor literate. Hunger spread dramatically among nations.


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