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English Précis and composition 2024 — CSS Past Paper





  • (i) Part-II is to be attempted on the separate Answer Book.
  • (ii) Attempt ALL questions from PART-II.
  • (iii) All the parts (if any) of each Question must be attempted at one place instead of at different places.
  • (iv) Write Q. No. in the Answer Book in accordance with Q. No. in the Q.Paper.
  • (v) No Page/Space be left blank between the answers. All the blank pages of Answer Book must be crossed.
  • (vi) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the question will not be considered.


English P & C – CSS 2024

Q. 2. Write a precis of the following and suggest a suitable title: (20)

In the heart of bustling cities, urban green spaces stand as oases of tranquility, providing respite from the hustle and bustle. Parks, adorned with vibrant flora, become havens for relaxation and recreation. The greenery offers a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, creating a delicate balance between urban development and environmental preservation. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, city parks play a crucial role in fostering community bonds. Families gather for picnics, friends engage in sports, and individuals find solace amidst nature’s embrace. These communal spaces serve as venues for cultural events, open-air concerts, and art installations, enriching the urban experience. The benefits of urban green spaces extend beyond leisure. They contribute to improved air quality, mitigate the urban heat island effect, and promote overall well-being. Access to nature within city limits becomes a vital aspect of mental health, offering a refuge for introspection and rejuvenation. However, the challenge lies in balancing the increasing urbanization with the preservation of green spaces. Sustainable urban planning becomes imperative to ensure the coexistence of concrete jungles and natural havens. Efforts to create and maintain parks, tree-lined avenues, and green rooftops become integral components of shaping cities that prioritize both human and environmental health. As cities evolve, the preservation and enhancement of urban green spaces become a shared responsibility. The vision is to cultivate urban landscapes that seamlessly integrate nature into the tapestry of city life, fostering a sustainable and harmonious cohabitation between human progress and the environment.

Q. 3. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end. (20)

“In the heart of innovation, where creativity dances with technology, a new era of possibilities emerges. The digital landscape, once a distant horizon, now envelops every facet of our lives. From communication to commerce, the symbiotic relationship between humanity and technology shapes the contours of our modern existence.

In this age of rapid change, the role of education becomes pivotal. The traditional classroom, with its four walls, expands into the boundless realms of the internet. E-learning platforms and virtual classrooms redefine the notion of education, offering a dynamic space for collaboration and knowledge exchange. The democratization of information, facilitated by digital platforms, challenges traditional hierarchies and empowers learners across the globe.

However, as we navigate the seas of technological progress, questions of ethics and inclusivity arise. The digital divide, a chasm separating those with access to technology from those without, underscores the need for inclusive policies. In this context, the role of educators extends beyond imparting knowledge to fostering a sense of responsibility and ethical conduct in the digital realm. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various aspects of our lives further blurs the boundaries between human and machine. As Al algorithms make decisions that impact society, the importance of ethical considerations and transparency grows exponentially. The intersection of technology and ethics becomes a defining point in the evolution of our digital landscape.

As we stand at the crossroads of innovation, the challenge is not merely to embrace technological advancements but to do so with a mindful and ethical approach. The synergy between humanity and technology holds immense promise, but it is our collective responsibility to navigate this path with wisdom, ensuring that progress aligns with the principles of equity, inclusivity, and ethical awareness.”

Questions: (4 marks each)

(i). What is the main theme of the passage, and how does it emphasize the evolving relationship between humanity and technology?

(ii). According to the passage, how does education adapt to the digital landscape, and what challenges and opportunities does this transformation present?

(iii). Discuss the concept of the digital divide as presented in the passage. Why is inclusivity crucial in the context of technological advancements, and what role do educators play in addressing this divide?

(iv). Explore the role of ethics in the digital realm, especially concerning artificial intelligence. How does the passage highlight the intersection between technology and ethical considerations?

(v). What is the message regarding the responsibility of individuals and society as a whole in navigating the intersection of humanity and technology? How can progress align with principles of equity, inclusivity, and ethical awareness?

Q. 4. Correct only FIVE of the following: (10)

(i). Chewing slowly, the pepperoni pizza tasted delicious

(ii). Kicking and screaming, the exasperated father dragged his toddler out of the grocery store.

(iii). A young girl in the corner, holding a red balloon.

(iv). Whom do you like more?

(v). He ordered a meal from the restaurant that was high in protein.

(vi). My favorite pizza topping is mushrooms they are really tasty I also like pizza with olives.

(vii). The group asked to hear the report that Shirley and me prepared.

(viii). I managed finishing the painting.

Q. 5. Rewrite any FIVE of the following sentences with corrected punctuation, without splitting a sentence or adding/changing any word. (05)

(i). The cordless vacuum one of the least interesting of the household appliances got its start as a moon drill.

(ii). Dr. Seuss books are famous for their delightful rhymes and nonsense words If I Ran a Zoo, however, likely gave us the real word nerd.

(ii). There are many theories about Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious death, including rabies, alcoholism, and a truly strange possibility he may have been a victim of a voter fraud scheme.

(iv) The film critic said, “One of the most misquoted lines in movie history is Play it again, Sam.”

(v). Poorly named animals include: the flying fox, which is really a bat the electric cel, which is really a knifefish and the honey badger, which is the only member of its genus and species!

(vi). The Haskell Opera House sits right on the US Canadian border with the stage in Quebec and many of the seats in Vermont.

(vii) Most carnivorous plants attract and digest insects and other invertebrates but some large pitcher plants have been known to digest frogs, rodents, and other vertebrates.

(viii) Harvey is a good driver moreover he is a very friendly one.

Q. 6. Re-write the following sentences (ONLY FIVE) after filling in the blanks with appropriate Prepositions. (05)

(i). His research is characterized _______________ a deep understanding of genetic mutations. various factors.

(ii). The solution is contingent, ______ various factors.

(iii). The experiment is predicated ______ the assumption of uniform conditions.

(iv). The project is commensurate ______ the skills of the research team.

(v). The methodology is impervious, _____ external influences.

(vi). The discussion oscillated ______ two main points.

(vii). His proposal hinges ______ securing adequate funding.

(viii). The model is contingent _______ accurate data inputs.

Q. 7. Use only FIVE pairs of words in sentences clearly illustrating their meanings. (10)

(i) Creak, Creek

(ii) Palate, Palette

(iii) Elicit, Illicit

(iv) Peal, Peel

(v) Taut, Taught

(vi) Faint, Fein

(vii) Rheum, Room

(viii) Wreak, Reek

Q. 8. Translate the following into English by keeping in view figurative/idiomatic expressions. (10)

م فلسطینیوں کے خون سے جب فلسطین کا خود ساتھ تنازعہ تصفیہ کیلئے اقوام متحدہ کے روبر و فش ہو ا تو اس نمائندہ عالمی ادارے نے فلسطینی عوام کے حق خود اراد بات کو تسلیم کرتے ہوئے ان مسائل کے حل کا نار مولا ہی خود طے کیا تنازعہ فلسطین کا دو ریاستی حل تجوید کیا گیا مگر اس کیلئے منظور ہو جع الی اقوام متحدہ کی قرار دادوں سے گزشت سات دہائیوں میں عملدرآمد کی نوبت ہی نہیں آنے دی گئی۔ اسکے بر عکس امریکہ کی ایماء پر اسرائیلی فوجیں آج کے دن تک نہتے اور بے گناہ معصوم ” ہولی کھیل رہی ہیں اور غزہ کا علاقہ گزشتہ اڑھائی ماہ سے ہاری جنگ میں مکمل طور پر یہ یاد ہو چکا ہے۔ اس جنگ میں امریکی کمک کے ساتھ اسرائیلی فوجوں نے 20 ہزار سے ان طبقوں بشمول خواتین اور پاوں کو بے دردی سے شہید کیا ہے اور زندہ کی جانے والے انسانوں کیلئے کوئی مکان محفوظ نہیں رہنے دیا جو اب خوراک اور اور بات کی کمائی کے باعثہ بھی زندگی سے ہاتھ دھور ہے ایک


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