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Islamiyat 2012 — CSS Past Paper

Q.2. What is meant by Day of Judgement? What are its impacts on human life? (16)
Q.3. In the Light of ” Zì‡Z }Å Õä
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EQ “, Describe the advantages and effects of prayer? (16)
Q.4. The political system of Islam guarantees the prosperity of State. Discuss. (16)
Q.5. Describe the concept of modern civilization and its effects on Muslim Ummah. (16)
Q.6. Islam is a complete code of life. Discuss. (16)
Q.7. Discuss human rights of Islam in the of the sermon of Hajjatul Wida. (16)
Q.8. Explain the economical rules of Islam in the light of Social Justice. (16)
Q.9. Describe the necessity and importance of religion for man and its effects on human life. (16)
Q.10. What do you mean by Shariah? Elaborate the different sources of Shariah. (16)
Q.11. Discuss in detail the collection and compilation of Quran. (16)

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