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English Précis and Composition 2002

ENGLISH (Précis & Composition)
TIME ALLOWED: 3 HOURS…………………..Maximum Marks: 100
Q1. Make a precis of the given passage, also give a suitable heading” (20)
‘The official name of our species is homo sapiens; but there are many anthropologists
who prefer to think of man as homo Fabcr-thc smith, the maker of tools It would be
possible. I think, to reconcile these two definitions in a third. If man is a knower and an
efficient doer, it is only because he is also a talker In order to be Faber and Sapiens,
Homo must first be loquax, the loquacious one. Without language we should merely be
hairless chimpanzees. Indeed \vc should be some thing much worse. Possessed of a
high IQ but no language, we should be like the Yahoos of Gulliver’s Travels- Creatures
too clever to be guided by instinct, too Self-centered to live in a state of animal grace,
and therefore condemned forever, frustrated and malignant, between contented
apehood and aspiring’humanity. It was language that made possible the accumulation
of knowledge and the broadcasting of information. It was language that permitted the
expression of religious insight, the formulation of ethical ideals, the codification to laws,
It was language, in a word, that turned us into human beings and gave birth to
Q2. Read the given passage, then give brief answers, to the questions placed at
the end, in your own words: – (20)
There is indeed, something inexpressibly pleasing in the annual renovation of the world
and the new display of the treasures of nature. The darkness and cold of winter with the
naked deformity of every object, on which we turn our eyes, make us rejoice at the
succeeding season, as well for what we have escaped, as for what we may enjoy.
Every budding Flower, whLch a warm situation brings early to our view, is considered
by us a messenger to notify the approach of more joyous days.
The spring affords to a mind free from the disturbance of cares or passions almost
everything that our present state makes us capable of enjoying. The Variegated
Verdure of the fields and woods, the succession of grateful Odours, the Voice of
pleasure pouring out its notes on every side, with the gladness apparently conceived by
every animal from the growth of liis food and the clemency of the weather, throw over

the an air of gaiety, significantly expressed by Smile of nature.
(Samuel John Son)
(a) Give meanings of the under lines expressions in the passage in your own words.
(b) Say howr an early budding flower becomes a messenger of happy days? (3)
(c) Who, according to the writer can make the best of the spring season? (3)
(d) Why are all animals glad at the approach of spring9 (3)
(e) Suggest a title for the passage. (I)
Q3. Write a Comprehensive note (250-300 words) on ONE of the following
subjects (20)
(a) The winds are always on the side of the ablest
(b) Keep your face to the Sunshine and you cannot see the Shade.
(c) In strategy it is important to see distant things close, and take a distant view of close
(d) You \vill find poetry nowhere unless you bring some with you.
Q4. Change the Voice of the verb following sentences (10)

  1. The production of Cash Crops directly affects the economy of an agricultural country.
  2. The accelerated car sped past the traffic signal and crashed into a van and killed two
  3. The students were asked to submit the assignment
    before to end of day. 4 The new budget was being discussed.
  4. The Manager has announced a bonus for all the workers.
  5. The police chased the dacoit and finally arrested : . him
  6. It was difficult to finish the work on time.
  7. At last the Speech ended and prizes were distributed.
  8. She manages her duties, without any help, despite her blindness.
  9. I appreciate your efforts and hope you will continue in the same fashion.

Q5. Change the following sentences from direct speech to Indirect Speech:

  1. “Hurrah”! Said the captain of the team, “we won the match”.
  2. “Please Sir, take pity on a poor beggar woman”, the wretched old woman asked for
  3. They say. “Is this the right time to arrive9 Aren’t you forgetting something”?
  4. He often says, “I am always willing to help the needy, if I am assured they arc really
    in need”.
  5. The master said, “How long will you take in warming my
    6 The boy said. “Alas’ I could not pass my examination”
  6. “Come hare quickly and work out this problem on the blackboard” said the teacher.
  7. “What a lovely evening!” Said Irum.
  8. “What is the name of this beautiful building?” asked the visitor.
  9. He said “Sit down over here and don’t move until I
    allow you”.
    Q6-Correct the following sentences: (10)
  10. I shall not come here unless you will not call me.
  11. He does not have some devotion for the project you
    have given him. 3 I went to either of the Four hill stations.
  12. Who did you meet on your way to school?
  13. You must remember that you are junior than Hamid.
  14. Aslam, as well as, his Four friends were planning to visit the museum..
  15. Where you went in the vacation?
  16. This is the youngest and most intelligent of my two sons.
  17. He is one of those who always succeed.
  18. I congratulate you for your success.
    Q7-Make sentences with the given
    Idiomatic phrases so that their meaning become clear: (10)
    (1) take aback
    (2) take after
    (3) take for
    (4) take ill
    (5) take off
    (6) take over
    (7) take to
    (8) take to task
    (9) take to One’s heels
    (10) take with a grain or pinch of salt

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