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Every Day Science 2001 — CSS Past Paper

TIME ALLOWED: 100 MINUTES…………….……Maximum Marks: 50
(i) Attempt ONLY FIVE questions. All questions carry EQUAL marks.
(ii) Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be
Q. 1. (a) What were the special characteristics of Muslim Scientists?
(b) What were the contributions of the following Muslim Scientists:
(i) Umar AI-Khayyam.
(ii) Abu Ali Sina
(iii) ibn Hayyan
(iv). Jhn al Baitar
(v) Zakariya Al-Razi.
Q. 2. (a) Differentiate clearly between Cyclone, Huriicane and tornado.
(i) Name two minerals which ate exported from Pakistan.
(ii) Name some gem-minerals used in Jewellery.
(iii) What is dead sea.
(iv) Why does the Sun appears orange-red at the time of Sunrise and Sunset.
(v) Why does the total Eclipse can happen only at the new Moon.
Q. 3.
(a) Name popular farms of Energy. Write five various scientific devices used to convert one type
of energy into another form of energy.

(b) Write meaning of the following units:
(i) Barrel
(ii) Joule
(iii) Btu
(iv) KWh
(v) Newton.
Q. 4. Write short notes on any THREE of tiillowing:
(i) Synthetic Polymers..
(ii) Laser.
(iii) Pesticides
(iv) Fission and Fusion
(v) Pararnagnetism and Diamagnetism.
Q. 5. Write difference between:
(i) Microcomputer and minicomputer
(ii) Main frame and Super computer.
(iii) Hardware and Software.
(iv) Byte and Word.
(v) Ram and Cache memory.
Q. 6. Describe briefly the principle and working of any TWO of the following:
(i) Pressure cocker
(ii) Television
(iii) Microwave oven
(iv) Radar
(v) Tape recorder.
Q. 7. Differentiate between:
(i) DNA and RNA
(ii) Brass and Bronze
(iii) Blood and Lymph
(iv) Hard water and Heavy water
(v) Small pox and Measles
(vi) Pig iron and Stainless Steel.
(vii) Alloy and Amalgum
(viii) Isotopes and Isobars
(ix) Artery and Vein
(x) Barrage and Dam.

Q. 8. Explain the scientific reasons for the following:
(i) It is not advisable to sleep under trees during the night.
(ii) Water boils quicker on mountains.
(iii) Rainbow is produced in the sky after rain fall and sunlight.
(iv) Water remains cool in a Earthenware pitcher.
(v) Milk is considered as an ideal food.
Q. 9. Which of the following statements are true or false. Only write “True” or “False” in
the answer book. Do not reproduce the statement.
(i) Urea is a phosphate fertilizer.
(ii) Cellulose is a natural polymer. (iii) Magnetite is the ore of copper
(iv) Malaria is caused by drinking polluted water.
(v) The instrument used to measure velocity of wind is Barometer.
(vi) Our eye is very sensitive to blue light.
(vii) Sound can not travel through vacuum.
(viii) Enzymes are biological catalyst.
(ix) Leprosy is a disorder of Nervous System.
(x) Mica is a non-conductor of electricity.
Q.10 What are Endocrine glands? Name any four. From which part of the body are the
followings secreted:
(i) Insulin
(ii) Thyroxin
(iii) Adrenaline
(iv) Oestrogen
(v) Testosterone and
(vi) Cortisol
(a) Name the important parts of a Flower.
(b) Explain the Pollination and Fertilization processes.
Q.12 Write short notes on any FiVE of the following:
(i) Ecosystem
(ii) CNG
(iii) PVC
(iv) Hormones
(v) Antibiotics
(vi) Ceramics
(vii) Green House Effect
(viii) Photosynthesis
(ix) Pasteurization
(x) Vaccine.

Q.13 What are the factors of water pollution? What types of diseases are transmitted by
using polluted the methods to control pollution of water.
Q.14 Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:
(i) The purpose of computer is
(ii) polio is caused by _
(iii) The stalagmite is deposit of
(iv) Bauxite is one of __

(v) The chemical name of washing soda is
(vi) The main constituent of Sui gas is _ colour has the shortest wave length.
(vii) _____colour has the shortest wave length. (viii)Glass is a ____

(ix)Monomers of protein are
(x)Ascorbic acid is vitamin

(xi)The solar system has _
(xii)Aids is caused by ____

(xiii) In a normal resting person the rate of heart heat is
(xiv) The science which deals with heredity is known as
(xv) In Pakistan Copper mineral is tound in _
(xvi) The most abundant element in the earth crust is
(xvii) __
is an apparatus used tbr measuring the pressure of gases.
(xviii)The smallest branches of an artery lead into tiny blood vessels are called
(xix) The living part of a plant cc I is composed of a nucleus and
(xx) The fastest revolving plant is

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